Adrenalin Laser Tag have the best Laser Tag Guns

Adrenalin Laser Tag have the best Laser Tag Guns

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Upcoming Games

Click here for open sessions of lasertag scheduled in the near future. Anyone can play.  Come and join us for a great day of lasertagging.


Thank you to Charl for running a great Laser Tag night for my son Lachlan and his friends! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Andrea H

Hi Robyn.  All the kids knew your husband and daughter. We all go to the same School.  Your family were amazing and all 28 kids loved their day.


We were so happy with your service at our Mackay Christian College Open Day that we would love to have you again at a staff party on the 21st of August.

Madelyn W

Thank you so much for such a great afternoon on Wednesday. The staff won’t stop raving about it and are already putting their RSVP’s in for the next event. I would love to be able to grab a copy of the photos you took if that’s possible. Thank you again.


Hi Robyn, Just wanted to tell you the boys had an awesome time on Saturday and your right I’m still hearing all about it and “when can we do it again”!!! Thanks again.


Thank you for organising such an awesome event, we have received such positive feedback from our staff!

Lauren T

Thank you for a great activity this week.  The children had an absolute blast! We would love to use your service again in the Christmas holidays maybe for a slightly longer session if possible.

Katie C 

Laser Tag Guns & Equipment

Adrenalin Lasertag uses the latest in laser skirmish technology to create an authentic fun-filled combat experience.

Each player is issued with a laser tag gaming gun which fires an infrared signal. The laser tag gun also has an infrared sensor mounted to its barrel.  In addition each player is issued with a headband which has infrared sensors mounted to the front and back.  To eliminate an opponent you must fire and hit the infrared sensor either on the barrel of an opponents gaming gun or on the headband. A small computer inside the laser tag gun keeps track of the number of lives lost, the number of hits, eliminations, accuracy and other cool measures of how well you are playing. Each tagger also has an inbuilt speaker.  When you are injured or mortally wounded your tagger talks to you.  Rate of fire, objectives, effects of being tagged, the amount of lives, and other variables can be programmed into each laser gun to provide for varied game play.

At Adrenalin Laser Tag Mackay we have a great range of laser tag gaming guns designed for different game situations and age of players.  These included the Cobra, Spitfire, P90 and Morita SAW.