Adrenalin Laser Tag have the best Laser Tag Guns

Adrenalin Laser Tag have the best Laser Tag Guns

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Upcoming Games

Click here for open sessions of lasertag scheduled in the near future. Anyone can play.  Come and join us for a great day of lasertagging.


Thank you to Charl for running a great Laser Tag night for my son Lachlan and his friends! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Andrea H

Hi Robyn.  All the kids knew your husband and daughter. We all go to the same School.  Your family were amazing and all 28 kids loved their day.


We were so happy with your service at our Mackay Christian College Open Day that we would love to have you again at a staff party on the 21st of August.

Madelyn W

Thank you so much for such a great afternoon on Wednesday. The staff won’t stop raving about it and are already putting their RSVP’s in for the next event. I would love to be able to grab a copy of the photos you took if that’s possible. Thank you again.


Hi Robyn, Just wanted to tell you the boys had an awesome time on Saturday and your right I’m still hearing all about it and “when can we do it again”!!! Thanks again.


Thank you for organising such an awesome event, we have received such positive feedback from our staff!

Lauren T

Thank you for a great activity this week.  The children had an absolute blast! We would love to use your service again in the Christmas holidays maybe for a slightly longer session if possible.

Katie C 

Player Information

You have arrived at this page because you have booked a game of lasertag or you have been invited to a game.     Follows is all the information you need to know.  You can also download this as a PDF.   

What is Lasertag

You've played Xbox & online games now it's time to LIVE them! Laser tag uses gaming guns to run mock missions, just like a live computer game. Our gaming guns shoot an infrared (like your TV Remote) beam. If the beam hits a special sensor attached to the hat of an opponent you receive a point. If you are hit, you lose a point. We play a range of games with different missions and objectives. Its great outdoor old‐fashioned fun using the latest in technology Who can play.  Anyone can play who is 7 years and over.

Who Can Play and is their an age Limit

Anyone can play who is 7 years and over.

Where is Lasertag Played

Lasertag is played at Mackay Christian College, 9 Quarry St, North Mackay.

When are Sessions Held

Check with the person who organized  the booking and invited you.   

Generally however we hold public sessions at Mackay Christian College on Saturday evening from 4.00pm – 6.00pm

How many players do I need to make a booking

There is no minimum number of players that you need to join in a public session. However,
if you want to have a private session minimum numbers apply.

Can I have a private session

To hold a private session we require a minimum of 15 players and an additional surcharge
$125 applies.

What does it Cost

Lasertag costs $35 per person.

What do I Wear and Need to Bring

We suggest that you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Every player must wear
closed in footwear. Joggers are ideal. High heels are definitely out of the question girls.
Adrenalin Lasertag.   Most of the play occurs in shaded areas; however we do recommend that you also wear sunscreen on your face and arms. Water bubblers are available.


• loose fitting clothes
• closed in footwear
• sunscreen
• insect repellent

Are You Having a Birthday Party or Other Occassion

If you are celebrating a birthday or other occasion, you are quite welcome to bring
everything you need to hold a party. We set up in a comfortable, covered area with seating
and benches. Electricity is also available should you require this to, for example, show a
photo slide.

We provide your group with a table and benches where you can set up.
As several groups normally play at the same time we prefer that you do not play music.

How Do I make a Booking

It is essential that you make a booking.  A deposit of $10 per player must be received into our bank account or paid in cash by  5.00pm three (3) days prior to your session.
The $10 will be deducted from the $35 player fee for each player who attends.
Alternatively, an amount of $10 for each player who attends will be refunded directly to the organizer.

Please note, places cannot be guaranteed where a deposit has not been received. 

How Do I pay Deposit

Direct deposit

Account Name = Adrenalin Paintball

BSB Number = 484 799

Account Number = 049 202 455

(Please put “your name” in the deposit description line)


Deliver to our home office at 29 Oasis Drive, North Mackay

How Do I pay on the Day

Payment can be made in cash or by EFTPOS on the day of play. Credit card facilities are
available at the venue.

How Do I Contact Adrenlin Lasertag

Ph: 49426252

Mob: 0419 623 207

Email:  [email protected]